Available kittens

Please contact us if you are interested in being on our waiting list for one of our Bengal kittens. You can send us an email at kajacattery@gmail.com

Girl 1 (Reserved)

Bengaal Cattery - Bengaal kittens Divine

Girl 2 (Reserved)

Bengaal Cattery - Bengaal kittens Divine

Kaja Divine x CH Vulcano

Parents of the kittens

Bengaal Cattery - Bengal Cat Kaja Divine
Bengal Cat - CH Myanmar Vulcano.jpg

Kaja Divine

CH Myanmar Vulcano

Kaja Divine has a beautiful pattern and a thick fur coat. She is slim, tall and has gold / green eyes. Divine has a super sweet character and is really a dream kitty! More photos of Kaja Divine can be found on our Instagram.

Myanmar Vulcano has a beautiful rosetted pattern. He is tall and has gold colored eyes.



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