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Kaja Divine

About Kaja Divine

Kaja Divine has a beautiful pattern and a thick fur coat. She is slim, tall and has gold / green eyes. Divine has a super sweet character and is really a dream kitty! More photos of Kaja Divine can be found on our Instagram.

Bengaal cattery - Kaja Divine 3.jpg
bengaal cattery - Kaja Divine 1
bengaal cattery - Kaja Divine 2
bengaal cattery - Alfacat Unicum
Bengaal cattery Bella.jpg
© Cattery Praslin
© Kaja Cattery


Praslin Bella 

Bella has a beautiful color (Black Tabby Spotted), gold / green eyes, amazing contrast and has a beautiful face. Stands high on her legs and has a long beautiful tail. She has a fantastic character!


Alfacat Unicum

He has visited various cat shows in Hungary and has achieved the title of world champion. Unicum has a friendly, cuddly character and a vibrant color. Unicum has a very nice profile and weighs more than 7 kilos.

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