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About us and the origin of our Cattery

Kaja Cattery started by mother and daughter. We as a family have always have a big heart for animals and we always had animals around us from exotic birds, koi fish, dogs and cats, you name it. For a while we had no animals anymore due to circumstances, until my daughter and I fell in love with the Bengal. I dismissed the request for a cat from my daughter as ''later if you live on your own''. Until my daughter showed a video about Bengal cats. What a beauty, what an intelligence, what a fascinatingly beautiful animal! After extensive research we have, in our opinion, visited a fantastic Bengal cattery here in The Netherlands. There she was, a beautiful beautiful animal with the appearance of a leopard. Love at first sight really exists! Our goal is to breed beautiful purebred bengals, where all our love and passion lies. This is how our Bengal Cattery started. We pay a lot of attention to the socialization of our kittens. Our kittens grow up in a family circle. Health, appearance and character is the most important thing for us. We are located in Rotterdam.

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